On behalf of my good friend and the Fremont Adobe building owner and restorer, Helen Kwalwasser, the cadre of craftsmen, engineers, technicians and artisans who have made all this possible, and myself, thank you! Thank you for joining us at Bett’s Gold Coin Sports Tavern, and becoming part of our family of friends and supporters in this monumental effort.

The staff of Bett’s Gold Coin enjoy the opportunity to serve you, and hope that your visit has been memorable. Our August 5, 2011 opening was just the beginning. Over time, it is our plan to constantly improve our service and add new menu items and refreshment specials. It is our desire to make the Coin one of the brightest spots in your memories of Mariposa and your Mother Lode-Yosemite experience.

We appreciate your signing our Guest Book at the Coin, and your comments and suggestions will be carefully reviewed. You can maintain contact with us through our Facebook page. You can contact us for special events (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, retirements, any occasion!) and we will be happy to work with you to create that special memory for your group.


Bett’s Gold Coin Sports Bar, Historic Downtown Mariposa, California


In Fremont’s old Adobe Office Building, the spirit of the old west during the Great California Gold Rush of 1849 still lives. The re-opening of the Coin, in the Fall of 2011, was a monumental step that took a monumental effort. The old Adobe building (built in 1850) and the business (Gold Coin) first established during the Great Depression, have both survived a lot of “history”.


All the old ghosts and spirits were awakened in Mariposa the first weekend in August 2011. From the looks of the crowd, they were never really asleep; maybe just dozing.

Yes, the opening of the Gold Coin in Fremont’s Old Adobe Office Building brought out the spirit of this small Gold Rush community as reflected by its patrons. It certainly brought back many fond memories from my younger years.

Maybe the awaking of those dozing spirits explains why the place was packed with a predominantly “local” crowd when the town, itself, was packed with tourists. We all have a place in our life where the Gold Coin played a special part; maybe it was a family connection; maybe a personal memory.

At any rate, the doors opened promptly at 5:00 PM, Friday August 5, 2011 to a waiting crowd. I suspect the old sprits of the building were already awake from all the noise of construction that had been going on over the past year. As the doors opened, it all came together. The ghosts of past occupants, Mariposans looking to reconnect to past times and a sprinkling of “tourists” who just came around to see what all the fuss was about.

The Gold Coin “business” has a rich and colorful history in Mariposa dating back to the great Depression days. Maybe it is only coincidence that the doors are reopening at the tail end of the greatest “recession” since the early 1930s. For the building itself, our “recent” economic bumps over the past fifty or so years are only part of the story. For the Fremont Adobe structure, the story starts before California was even a state. Among the many boots that have trod those newly restored floors are the boots of John Charles Fremont, perhaps one of the most colorful characters in California’s rich and colorful history.

Leroy Radanovich



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