THE GOLD COIN BLOODY MARY Vodka, and our special Gold Coin Tomato Juice “formula”. The perfect Wake-Up beverage! $6

GOLD COIN MIMOSA Champaign and Orange Juice $6
Champaign and Cranberry Juice $6



THE GOLD COIN MARTINI Gin, Triple Sec, fresh squeezed lime wedges, served in a martini glass, very well shaken

GOLD NUGGET SHOT Goldschlager, Bailey’s Irish Cream, served in a rocks glass, shaken well

COIN RUNNER Captain Morgan, Malibu Coconut Rum, Silver Rum, pineapple & grenadine, topped with a cherry and served blended

LIQUID GOLD Absolut, Sprite, grapefruit & pineapple juices, garnished with lemon wheel

GRAND GOLD COSMO Vodka, Grand Marnier, a splash of sweet & sour, garnished with orange wheel and served well shaken in a martini glass.

HALF DOLLAR Pinnacle Vodka, whipped cream, fresh orange juice, & splash of cream, garnished with an orange wheel & tastes just like the 50/50 Bar ice cream!

GOLDEN MARGARITA Gold Tequila, Counter, lime juice, sweet & sour, splash of orange juice blended or on the rocks & garnished with a lime wheel, served in a margarita glass with salted rim

M-TINI Absolut Vodka & apple pucker, garnished with a cherry